2009 Bonneville

August 28, 2009

One team of famous racers, the Rolling Bones, consisted of members from Spain, Switzerland, and one from outback USA. When I asked how they all came together to be there as a team they just shrugged and said, “We talked”. Nothing else needed to be explained apparently. And if you enjoy your local runs, think about the fact the Rolling Bones drive their 32 roadsters, and coupes, all the way from New York to race every year. There were Aussies by the bucket, Kiwis, Germans, English, Canadians and pretty much every other country you can think of. I have no idea where the Bean Bandits came from, but they sure did sell a lot of t-shirts!

As quick as the team could, we got that lakester out on the salt. With nerves at screaming point, we pushed it out, Joseph in the car steering. The car got a lot of attention, so I just hoped it went ok! We pushed Greg out when his turn eventually arrived, and took the push car to about 40 miles per hour. Then like watching a child take its first steps, we pulled off to the left and watched it fly! What a buzz! The little red Lakester did everything it should, and the boys who had laboured so hard for so long were justly rewarded by the sight of the car as it disappeared out of our view in no time at all. Success. Back to the trailer to play around again, so off I went for a walk. They do an excellent chow tent, pancakes etc. for breakfast, then on to steak sandwiches throughout the day. Everyone has their own t-shirt to sell, and all have a story to tell you about their car and the journey to get there. My personal highlight was sitting in the lakester and steering it in after the second run. Now remember that I had never seen the place before except for the day previously, when it was empty.

Now in my defence, we drive on the opposite side of the road in Oz, and sitting down in the Lakester, amongst the traffic cones was like being in a pine forest. I thought i was going ok, til I followed the other cars for the 5 mile drive back to the pits. Only problem was that I was following the other cars who were leaving the salt to go home. A little gentle instruction, and direction, from Greg about where I should drive and off to the pits we go, I gladly handed over the driving to Joseph, who did so well. The car did all that was asked of it, and the team was keen to push through for further good speeds. Not a book got read, we fell into bed at 9 pm and slept soundly til 0600 when we got up and onto the salt to film the great sunrises.

I am going home with great memories of fun times, watching the team work hard to think on their feet and work with whatever you have out there. Thanks for the opportunity Greg - and hope that maybe it all happens again for me, though I know this is only the start for you and no doubt Joseph.

Photos by Kerry Fehlberg and Judy Thane