Photo by Bob Johnson

The San Francisco Model A Ford Club hosts or participates in a number of tours and events every year. The current schedule of events for 2014 is shown below. For details on upcoming events, check out the events page in the current issue of The Choke Rod on the Newsletters page. Click Events of 2013 to see the events the club participated in 2013.

Click on the tour name hyperlink below to be get information on upcoming events or to be taken to the photo page for past events.



January 12

February 8

March 15

April 13

April 27

May 4-5

May 18

May 26

June 14

June 17-21

June 29

September 1-7

September 14

September 20

September 26-28

October 12

November 10

December 6

December 13


President’s Brunch

Crab Feed - Monte Cristo Club

St. Patrick's Day Parade - San Francisco

Mystery Tour - Mystery Location

Dream Machines - Half Moon Bay

Spring Speed Weekend - Auburn CA

Friendship Day - Pacific Shores Center, Redwood City CA

Memorial Day Observance - Presidio

St. Anne’s Home - Father’s Day Weekend

Lincoln Highway Tour

Pride Parade - San Francisco

Great Michigan Ford Train Tour (Part 1) (Part 2)

Antique Autos History Park - San Jose

38th Annual 28th Avenue Block Party

Overnighter Murphys-Ironstone Concours d'Elegance

Columbus Day Parade

Veteran’s Day Parade on Market Street

SFPD Brave the Bay - Aquatic Park SF

Christmas Banquet - Val's Restaurant - Daly City