2014 Pride Parade

June 30, 2014

This year we had four cars in the Parade. Terry and Tom Machado came down from Stockton in their beautiful sedan Eleanor. Steve Owsley drove Walter Caplan’s equally grand sedan. Walter drove Tom Escher’s red ‘29 Pickup in the mix and I drove my not so lovely but reliable coupe.

There was just as much bling and foolishness as in any previous parade. There were the floats, the politicians, the dancers, and the bikers. It is always a mixed bag of displays and performers.

Our cars were loaded with happy parade-goers. Kristine Zaback rode with me. Kristine did most of the waving and picture taking. I kept an eye on the motometer and tried not to slip the clutch more than necessary. We avoided any trouble but the classic car ahead of us, carrying Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, stalled and she was whisked away by her security detail only to reappear at the reviewing stand for a short interview. Her family and aides walked on to the finish.

The crowd was large, responsive, enthusiastic, and well behaved. The costumes in the crowd rivaled the ones in the parade. Eye contact with anyone in the crowd would get you an immediate smile and a wave. The parade has matured into a world class event. It is still edgy and exciting but more family friendly than in the beginning years.

Following the parade we paraded on to UCSF Mission Bay for a picnic. Walter had arranged for reserved parking, sandwiches from Molly Stone’s, and beverages courtesy of Martinelli. It was a friendly warm and comfortable day. I think we might do it again next year.

Photos by Scott Williams