2011 Palo Alto Concours

June 24, 2011

The Concours at Stanford is quite a show. Al, Jenny, Joan, and Nell worked hard to make this event successful and a pleasure for all of our Club members. This is not just a car show – it is an extravaganza of automotive excellence. This year the “Flat Heads” were featured. They filled the field along with the Rolls Royce, Duesenberg and the Packard. There was something for everyone.

We cruised in about 9:30 and found a comfortable campsite under the trees. Walter prepared a table with cold cuts and salads. The Mahls brought cakes, both homemade and store bought, and salads. Gary brought a cooler filled with cold drinks. After lunch the options were to venture out and view the show or simply relaxing in the shade. Several long time friends and Club members stopped by to say hello. Gregory Timm who lives in Pescadero stopped by to offer the Club a lunch and a guided tour of Pescadero. Car shows have a way of opening doors and bringing friends together.

Two of our Club members came early and were “On the Grass”. Mike Cunneen and Kevin Enderby had their cars judged and both came away winners. The Palo Alto show works a little different than most. You can pay the entry fee and show in the Corral as display only. The advantage is that you can bring a guest, see the show, leave anytime, have convenient parking and a bottle of wine for about the cost of two spectator tickets. Or your can enter to be judged “On the Grass” and must stay all day.

Our only obligation was to volunteer to help when needed. Gary Barrango helped direct traffic during the judging. However, this event is so well organized that our help was almost unnecessary. Unnecessary or not, I felt a little guilty for not helping more. I think we owe Joan, Nell, Jenny and Al – BIG TIME.

Photos by Scott Williams