2011 Fathers Day at St. Anne's Home

June 16, 2011

Do you know anyone who bought their first Model a Ford directly from the dealer. I bet not. However, there are a lot of us “New Comers” who have heard stories from the “Old Timers” about growing up with a Model A in the family.

One of the pleasures of Fathers Day at St. Anne’s Home is hearing the residents tell stories about family adventures in the old Model A. The minute they get into the car they begin to tell you how familiar the upholstery looks or how their father would never let the kids ride in the front seat.

This year was no different. There were lots of stories many a little devilish but all in good humor. Sadly, some of the wonderful people we met last year were not present to ride with us this Fathers Day.

Bob Farina met us on the drive in front of St. Anne’s Home. Bob owned and drove a Model A for many years and this event was his idea. This was the ninth year that the Club has celebrated Fathers Day at St. Anne’s. Bob recently sold his Model A to one of our new Club members. You will meet him soon.

Jonathan, Nell, Walter, Mike, Charlie and Victoria, Bob, Barry, Mike, John, Jeanine and Gunard, Todd and several others were there to entertain the families and guests at St. Anne’s Home.

When everyone who wanted a ride had been satisfied we were treated to a spectacular lunch in the lobby of the home. The remainder of the afternoon was spent on snacks and good conversation.

Fathers Day at St. Anne’s has become one of our more gratifying traditional annual events and, unless we are uninvited, we will be there again next year.

Photos by Jim Hutton