2012 Crab Feed

January 29, 2012

The Crab Feed has become our signature event of the year. This year we had a record breaking crowd and plenty of Crab for everyone. Once again John Zuffi put on a show. The preparation, presentation and quality of the food was excellent. The Barrango family and our Club Volunteers cooked, cleaned, bar tended, set the tables and dressed up the Monte Cristo Club like never before. The icing on the cake was a presentation by John Fiorino of a check awarded to us for our award winning flotilla of cars in the Columbus day Parade.

This year Al, Jenny, and Joan did an outstanding job on the raffle. It was well organized. The prizes were over the top. It was our best to date. I can’t say enough about their efforts on behalf of the Club. Al was our announcer and did an excellent job. Al started the raffle early and kept things moving.

I want to thank all of our volunteers who donated their time or contributed to the raffle or who bought a table. Thanks everyone!

We have had a number of congratulatory emails from satisfied customers. I have heard from several people who were disappointed that they missed the “Feed”. They were looking for the announcement or the flyer. There was none! This year we sold out before we had a chance to do any advertising. Next year we will have them waiting in line outside the Monte Cristo Club like they do at the Apple store for the latest iPad. It was a job well done. Here is to us all!!

Photos by Scott Williams