2012 President's Brunch & Mystery Tour

March 3, 2012

The Presidents Brunch/Mystery Tour was more of a surprise than a mystery. We visited the Colma Museum; a place we have all driven by a thousand times but never noticed. It sits on Hillside Boulevard next to the cemeteries and just down the road from the Lucky Chance Casino. It looks historic but so do many of the buildings siting near on on cemetery grounds. So my conclusion when driving by was that it had something to do with the cemetery. In fact that perception is not completely wrong. The museum and most of the exhibits are in what was once the Olivet Cemetery office. The old two room Colma Train Depot has been moved onto the site. In addition to these two buildings, there is a blacksmith shop and a cargo office complete with scales. The entire museum is maintained by the Colma Historical Association. Their motto is “It is Great to be Alive in Colma”. They provide a number of historic walks or tours including a three hour tour of the cemeteries. After a few pictures we departed for the Harding Park Golf Course where we enjoyed a very nice lunch with friends and club members.

Photos by Scott Williams & Fred Grafleman