2012 Fathers Day at St. Anne's Home

June 16, 2012

It could not have been a better day. It was comfortably warm, no fog, no wind just sunshine and good will. Bob Fiorina met us at the front door with hugs and hand shakes all round. He reminded us that this was our tenth anniversary.

I remember our first Father’s day celebration. I would have guessed six or seven years ago but not ten. Over time the faces and cars have changed but so gradually that the changes go unnoticed. What doesn’t change is the enthusiasm of the residents who anxiously wait for rides. They dress up for the outing. They overcome their handicaps. They squeeze into the rumble seat or into the front seat of our little cars. Getting them in and out requires a team of people and some coaching. Scenes from the Keystone Cops come to mind.

The ride is short. We travel up Arguello into the Presidio past the golf club to the lookout point overlooking the bay and Alcatraz. The ride takes us by Senator Feinsteins’ old home and then back down the hill to St. Anne’s. For most, one ride is enough. Others choose another car and take a second and sometimes third ride.

John Bettencourt and Mike Cunneen brought the most popular rides. Everyone liked the sporty open car look. There is something about the wind in your face that makes the ride feel more real. Mike broke away from an El Camino A’s tour to join us at St. Anne’s. We were glad to see him come. His car can hold four people easily without to much bending and stretching to get in and out.

After our tour we were treated to a buffet lunch complete with sandwiches, fresh fruit, cold cuts, cider and treats. It was a wonderful way to renew acquaintances with our friends at St. Anne’s and celebrate Father’s Day.

Photos by Steve Owsley