2013 Crab Feed

February 2, 2013

This year we filled the Monte Cristo Club to the rafters with Crab Lovers. There were twelve tables upstairs and twenty two tables downstairs with eight to ten people at each. We fed half a ton of crab to approximately 275 people. I think this must be a participation record. This was a great turnout considering that we don’t advertise this event.

John Zuffi and the kitchen staff worked their magic again. The entire Barrango family worked all day the day of and several days before the event to make this year’s Crab Feed a success. We had a great crew of waitresses and the sole dish washer worked into the early morning hours. The work completed and the lights were turned off at about 1 am.

Again this year the Raffle Prizes were outstanding and raffle tickets sold like hot cakes. Thanks to Jenny and Joan. Walter, Scott, and friends did a great job with Registration and Al did an excellent job with the announcements and calling the raffle ticket numbers. We had very little trouble hearing over the din of laughter, cracking crab, and clanging of glasses.

The Model A Club received an award from the organizers of the Columbus Day Parade. We and our cars were judged the best entrant in the parade. This was the third time in three years the Club has won this award. Lets do it again this year.

Two guests, Jerry and Andrea Nieto joined us. They were representing the Weingarten School for the Deaf, our charity this year. They had a wonderful time and went home with the Golf Basket Raffle Prize. There was a flyer on each table describing some of the schools activities and advertising an upcoming golf tournament the proceeds of which will benefit the school.

Bill and Cheryl Baxter joined us. They have been regulars and travel down from their home in Willits. Tom and Terry Machado were also able to make this event. They are long time Club members who live in Linden near Stockton. We greatly appreciate their willingness to come a considerable distance to participate.

We also owe Jeanine and Gunnard Mahl and Nell Richmond for hosting twenty one and ten people, respectively, at our signature event, The Crab Feed.

Lastly, we want to thank John Zuffi and Ital Foods their contribution and participation. Ital Foods contributes many of the food items used in the antipasto and salads served at the beginning of the dinner. All of these items are imported from Italy. In addition they purchase several tables for their employees. John and Ital Foods contribute greatly to our success and ultimately to our charity.

Photos by Scott Williams