2013 Memorial Day

May 27, 2013

We have it down. We have been a part of the Memorial Day Observance at the Presidio for so many years that we know when and where to go without direction.

We met at the Pacific Rod and Gun Club for the traditional coffee and donuts (running board breakfast) and then took a short scenic tour through Golden Gate Park to the Presidio Parade Grounds.

This year we had several new people along for the ride. Larry Gutierrez and his son Michael brought their ‘48 Chevy and a nice Ford Mustang. Lee Hamel also came along this year, the second time he joined with our Club at the Memorial Day event. And of course our very own club member Scott Nealey drove his ‘29 Model A tudor along with his aunt and his two children.

The Observance takes place in the Presidio Cemetery. Flags adorn the headstones and the Marine Band plays Amazing Grace. The headstones are inscribed with the name, rank, and military unit and the date of death and birth. Most of these heroes died very young. I hope that they know that Americans living today honor them and the sacrifice they made for their country.

After the ceremonies remembering and honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice, we traveled back up the hill to the Presidio Golf Club for lunch.

Photos by Steve Owsley