2013 Academy of Arts Auto Museusm

January 19, 2013

Greg Martinez arranged for our club to join the Sonoma T’s for a tour of the Academy of Art University Car Museum on January 19th.

Nineteen of us were able to tour the museum on Washington Street and Van Ness Avenue.  Some of us met at the Rod and Gun Club and car pooled to the museum.  Others met us there.  The Sonoma T’s arrived in a school bus!  We had quite a good sized group.

Each of us paid $10 for the chance to drool over the Academy’s car collection.  The proceeds of our tour will go to the Rotary Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs.  So we got to see an amazing car collection and do something good at the same time.

The collection includes everything from Auburns, a Daimler, Pierce Arrows, Packards, Dusenbergs, to a beautiful ’56 Chevy convertible, a Messerschmitt, MG’s and more.  All of the cars are absolutely gorgeous and look as though they just rolled out of the showroom.

A few of us who stayed until nearly everyone had left were invited to drive down Van Ness to the facility on Van Ness and O’Farrell to see the cars at that location.  More absolutely spectacular cars – and four beautiful Indian motorcycles.  What an opportunity.

Thank you to the Sonoma T’s for letting us join their tour, and thank you to the Academy of Art Car Museum for sharing their beautiful cars with us.  It is amazing that so many of these wonderful cars are being preserved.

Photos by Tom Mullins