2013 Father's Day at St. Annes Home

June 15, 2013

Fathers Day at St. Anne’s Home has become a wonderful tradition. I’m not sure who has the most fun – our riders or our Club members. This year the youngest rider was four and the oldest ninety four. Although the day was cool and a little windy, we once again had a number of people anxious to ride in the rumble seat. We loaded up and headed downhill to the Presidio Main Post; past the parade ground and into the cemetery. Our route took us back up the hill to the overlook, back through the Arguello Gate, then once around Presidio Terrace before returning home to St. Anne’s. We staggered our starts so we would have an opportunity to wave and toot the horn as we passed each other coming and going.

We arrived at St. Anne’s around 2 pm. Bob Farina was on hand to greet us. Bob and his wife Dee, as you know, were responsible for our starting the St. Anne’s Fathers Day Celebration about fifteen years ago. This year Bob’s daughter Becky volunteered to be the official event photographer. Becky took a number of photos of cars, drivers, and their passengers. Following the event she prepared a companion CD of her photos. We will play the CD at our July meeting. Becky’s photos also accompany this Choke Rod article.

No other Club event warms the heart more than this one. We hear some great stories. I asked one resident of St. Anne’s to what she owed her longevity. I suggested it my be due to genetics and good luck. She said that genes and good luck could help but the real secret to a long life is Vitamin V. I said I had never heard of Vitamin V. She said it is in the glass of Vodka she drinks each evening at bedtime.

We finished the day with a specially prepared feast – a banquet - of sandwiches, beverages, cookies, and other wonderful sweet treats all set out for us to enjoy. We had a wonderful time with our friends at St. Anne’s Home and we will keep the tradition alive by celebrating Fathers Day at St. Anne’s again next year.

Photos by Becky Farina