2015 Peninsula Mystery Tour

August 16, 2015

We started the day with traditional doughnuts and coffee at our meeting spot adjacent to Crystal Springs Reservoir. The vehicle count included three Model A Fords and a mixture of more modern makes that together totaled to about nine cars.

Our route took us over the reservoir on Highway 92. We pulled up the hill to the summit and turned south on Highway 35, Skyline Drive. We traveled down Skyline through the redwoods to King’s Mountain Road where we turned west down the grade in the direction of Wonderlich Park. King’s Mountain Road is steep, blessed with several sharp hairpin turns and littered with bicyclists. In spite of the hazards we arrived at Wonderlich Park 90 minutes early.

I had expected to spend about 40 minutes touring the Folger Stables but the parking lot was full and the only available parking was reserved for horses. So on we went into Woodside. By now the temperature had reached into the 90’s and we were getting hot and struggling to find parking. Our lunch reservations at Buck’s were at eleven. We were an hour early, just enough time to repair a blown manifold gasket. I think I might be able to unload the Bent Rod.

I checked with the restaurant manager. He said he could seat us at half past ten. Buck’s is a visual delight. There are collections, photos, and memorabilia of all types hanging from the walls and suspended from the ceiling. The food was excellent.

Next stop, AutoVino. AutoVino is a combination of Woodside Winery and a vintage auto collection under one roof. The cars are privately owned and are just on loan to the winery. Joan Peterson has a car in the collection. The first person who could identify her car was awarded with a bottle of Cabernet. Charlie and Victoria took home the prize.

This was a good spot to finish the tour. Nothing is more civilized than a little wine and a stroll among classic cars. Or if you like, relax in the lounge and watch the game on their big screen TV.

I want to thank Walter for supplying coffee and treats both in the morning and at the winery. Thanks also to Joan Peterson for without her help this tour would have fallen far short of its billing.

Photos by Al Thomas, Tom Mullins and Scott Williams