2017 Pride Parade

June 25, 2017

The Pride Parade was bigger and better than ever. It resembles the Cirque du Soleil. Corporate floats and eclectic groups of brightly dressed bikers and cyclists pass by in gay profusion, swaying to the music of the band ahead or the amplified boom box someplace behind. Parade goers dressed in imaginative colorful costume, some in nothing at all, line the route. The crowd strains against the barricades to get a picture or to join in with whistles and hurrahs. The whole thing is a giant party; people young and old from all walks of life celebrating the day.

This year we had seven model A's and a small group of four Fords from later years. The cars were decked out in rainbow colors and filled with happy people. We followed the Dykes on Bikes motorcycles and the Bicycle Coalition down Market to the grandstand at Civic Center. Although our cars were less colorful and lacked the “bling" of those in costume, we were very well received.

Past the grandstand we turned onto Eighth Street and the parade for us was over, much to soon. From Eighth Street we caravanned through town to the UCSF hospital complex in Mission Bay where we enjoyed a picnic lunch in a small park nestled between the hospital and large residential complexes that have come to dominate the 3rd Street corridor of Mission Bay.

Walter, Scott, and Steve and others did an excellent job planning and organizing this event. From the permitting process through the ordering and procuring of sandwiches, it all went off without a hitch. Thanks to everyone who participated. It certainly was a day to remember.

Photos by Ralph Hoffschildt, Cynthia Tores, Fred Allen, & Scott Williams