2018 President's Brunch

January 14

President's Brunches are usually cut and dried affairs. We meet, drive someplace, eat, and then come home. This year was different. We met as usual at Crystal Springs and Highway 92 for our traditional running board breakfast. The first clue that this day would not be typical was that no one except Kevin brought a Model A.

Around ten, after a few sips of coffee, people began to leave. They left, not in a group but individually. There was no follow the leader. The destination was known to everyone and with the help of GPS we all made it safely to Cameron's Inn, a British Pub just south of Half Moon Bay.

The Pub is decorated on the inside with British paraphernalia that include pictures of the Royal Family, Winston Churchill, and other British memorabilia . Outside there is an old double decker bus, an antique British phone booth, and an area for outside games. We made ourselves at home in the Johnston Room.

This day is traditionally a day to celebrate the Club President and to kick off the new year. However, this was also the birthday of one of our club members who has worked tirelessly behind the scenes at many of our Club functions and whose efforts have not been fully acknowledged. So, this day would also be a surprise Birthday Party for Kristine Zaback. The timing was perfect. Kristine came a little late. Time enough for us to set up the surprise. Shortly after she was seated she was presented with a Mazzetti’s Bakery strawberry filled birthday cake and the traditional happy birthday song.

Kristine, in turn, brought a small case of Chateau Du Barry to present to the President. I would like to claim that I owned the place but unfortunately no one in my family has any connection to the Chateau or French wine. This, however, did not stop us from enjoying a glass.

Following the Brunch John Bettencourt challenged anyone interested to a short game of Horse Shoes. Behind the Cameron Pub about one hundred yards up the road is a small Horse Shoe Park. John Zuffi, Joan Peterson, and Cynthia Torres accepted the challenge. John, we learned, was an experienced Horseshoe man and it became apparent after a few rounds that we had better stick to playing for points. John, on more than one set of pitches, put both shoes around the pin and won the challenge hands down.

After our drubbing at Horse Shoes we drove up the Coast Highway to Miramar Beach Restaurant to enjoy some live music and watch the surfers ride the waves. It was a fitting way to finish a wonderful relaxing day.

Thanks to the Club and everyone who came along for the ride. A special thanks to Kevin Enderby who brought his wonderful '29 Roadster and, of course, to Kristine Zaback whose warm and wonderful Birthday Party we all enjoyed as well.

Photos by Cynthia Torres and Scott Williams