2013 Pride Parade

July 28, 2013

This year’s Pride Parade proved it. Market Street was thick with people - there were so many bodies lining the Parade route that there wasn’t a square inch of unoccupied standing room. Estimates are that far in excess of one million people turned out to observe the Parade and celebrate the US Supreme Court’s marriage equality decisions. The SF Model A Club was positioned near the front of the Parade - we were contingent 39 out of over 260 entrants. Our contingent consisted of ten cars, a respectable showing for the San Francisco Model A Club. Our group of seven Model A’s included the Scott Nealey family, Andrew Bright and his daughter, Tom and Terry Machado who drove all the way from Stockton early that morning, Gunard and Jeanine Mahl, Walter Caplan and Gordon Miller driving the Red and White fleet pick-up, Steve Owsley and Jack Green driving Walter’s sedan, and Barry Kinney with Tom Mullins and Bob Farina and his daughter Becky, as well as Todd Sucy in his ‘65 Thunderbird, Wilder Ceplo in a ‘67 Mustang, and Stuart Fong and his daughter Lauren in a Cobra. Each car sported a large club logo and sign on the door advertising us as the San Francisco Model A Ford Club.


Photos by Frank Cheng & Tom Mulins